Sunday, September 6, 2009

Luca Turilli Vanilla-Beanquest Sugar

Purple winter night
Veiled my darkened soul
While my tired eyes
Close at evening's call

Golden river flow
Cross the land of fate
There where lies the stair
And angels' marble gate

From the wide magic reign of a thousand gates
Where are hidden crystal secret skies
Where my vanilla beanquest ends, where my rainbows shine
There where my soul flies

~"Vanilla Beanquest" derived from Luca Turilli's "Dreamquest"

It is quite a wondrous event to find yourself in the possession of a bean of vanilla. The acquisition of such a magic pod may elude you, and send you on a dreamquest of epic podportions. It may cost you your finest pheasant, or the hand of your fairest daughter. Therefore, it is imperative that one treasure and exhaust this black magic to its sharpest spire.

Aft ye hath scraped the subject of its sticky darkness, dispose not the pod. Attain a small, lidded vessel wrought from wood or glass and fill with 1 1/2-2 cups sweetened granules. Entomb the the vanilla bean pod inside, and store for eternity. On occasion, it is wise to stir and break up any hardened lumps that form. This sacred pairing is best used to enhance coffee and tea but also may be used to lure trolls out of the dark corners of the earth.


  1. I demand an update to your blog. Maybe something with marzipan in it :)

  2. BTW, this is the most metal baking blog ever!

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